Program Details

Program Evaluation

Daily Quizzes (15/100)
Daily Learning Reflections (15/100)
Team Work Projects (20\100)
The Final Exam (50\100)
The Passing grades is 60/100

Grade Values:

A+=95-100), A=(90-94), B+=(85-89),
B=(80-84), C+=75-79), C=(70 -74), D+=(65-
69), & D=(60 -64)

The Falling grade= F (0\100-59\100)

One-day absentee only allowed, with valid reason, & needs to be redone after 3 days from the final day of the program

No Graduation without completing the whole program

The College Authority has the full right for stopping or removing any applicant, if his/her behavior was conflicting within the Haram, the college,& the country policy.

Translators are available on the spot at the time


Theory (Lectures)icon-gear"> The Practice (Workshops)
Pillars of Islam, Faith, & Sincerity Washing Place Description
The Dean’s Welcoming Message The Washing Installment
A lecture on Pillars of Islam Washing tools
A lecture on Pillars of Iman(Faith) Tools used in washing
A lecture on Ikhlas/Sincerity Things used for washing the deceased
Types of Deceased  How to wash
Normal body  The Normal body
Burned Body  The Burned Body
Separated Body or Some Parts from his or her body  The Separated Body
   The found parts of a deceased body
Types of Coffins Types of Coffins
The Man’s Coffin  Coffining a man?
The Woman’s Coffin  Coffining a woman?
The Boy’s Coffin  Coffining a boy?
The Girl’s Coffin  Coffining a girl?
The Child’s Coffin  Coffining a child?
The fetus after 4 month  Coffining a fetus after 4 months?
The fetus before 4 months  Coffining a fetus before 4 months?
Praying on How to pray on Deceased
1 man alone On a Man alone
1 woman alone On a Woman alone
A group of men On a group of men
A group of women Men & Women On a group of women
Boys & Girls On a Men & a Women
All genders & ages On Boys & Girls
  On all genders & ages
Knowledge of Burial How to bury a deceased in the grave
How to take the deceased to the grave yard? How to dig the grave?
Kinds of Graves How to burry a man?
Rolls for Muslims die in none How to burry a woman?
Islamic country & their burials procedure How to burry more than a deceased in one place or grave?
Rolls for moving disease’s grave to another place How to burry a deceased in the sea, or ocean?
Rolls for burying more than a deceased in one place  

The Islamic Morals & Etiquettes regarding death &

The Closing Ceremony  
The Graduation  
The Program Survey Distribution  

samle certificatePost Graduate Certificate
Embark on a once in a life time chance to study directly under The Prophet's Masjid in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. All courses given directly from Masjid An Nabawi's Sheiks.

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