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Islamic Finance Certificate (IFC) - 5 Day Intensive Program


  Theory (Lectures) The Practice (Workshops)
Day 1 Islam as a complete way of life that deals with all aspects of life  
  Rights of Allah and rights of humans. Islamic way of life
  Muslims protect others from harms/lies/deception Rights in Islam
  Dangers of cheating in financial transactions  
  Muslims put benefits of society before individual benefits  
  Fundamentals of Financial Dealings in Islam  
  The importance of individual worship and it’s connection to financial transactions Sample Islamic contracts
  Definition of Financial Dealings Usury and its various forms
  Permissible Transactinos and Their Conditions Prohibited industries
  Key Prohibitions  
  Usury and It's Types  
  Rulings of Cash Money  
Day 2 Banking (Conventional & Islamic)  
  Conventional Banking Conventional banking
  Principles of Islamic Banking/Finance Islamic banking around the world 
  Cheques, Bankers Drafts, Bank Transfers etc Loans/financing agreements
  Loans/Financing (Personal, Business & Student Loans, and Overdrafts)  
  Debit, Credit, & Charge Cards  
  Banks and the Ruling of working for them  
 Day 3 Insurance (Conventional & Islamic)  
  1 man alone Conventional Insurance companies
  1 woman alone Islamic Insurance models
  A group of men Insurance types
  A group of women Men & Women On a group of women
  Boys & Girls On a Men & a Women
  All genders & ages On Boys & Girls
    On all genders & ages
  Knowledge of Burial How to bury a deceased in the grave
  How to take the deceased to the grave yard? How to dig the grave?
  Kinds of Graves How to burry a man?
  Rolls for Muslims die in none How to burry a woman?
  Islamic country & their burials procedure How to burry more than a deceased in one place or grave?
  Rolls for moving disease’s grave to another place How to burry a deceased in the sea, or ocean?
  Rolls for burying more than a deceased in one place  

The Islamic Morals & Etiquettes regarding death &

  The Closing Ceremony  
  The Graduation  
  The Program Survey Distribution  

samle certificatePost Graduate Certificate
Embark on a once in a life time chance to study directly under The Prophet's Masjid in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. All courses given directly from Masjid An Nabawi's Sheiks.

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