Islamic Finance Course Overview

A unique course in Islamic finance combining both classical and contemporary knowledge (in English) now being offered by the College of the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) Masjid, Masjid An-Nabawi, Madinah, Saudi Arabia. This course provides delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the field of Islamic finance and its core principles.

The course covers the principles behind Islamic finance and the relationship between Islamic and conventional financing. The course looks at business transactions from an Islamic perspective (fiqh of muameelat). During the course delegates will learn about the historical evolution of the Islamic finance industry together with recent developments and contemporary challenges. Course delegates with experience a mixture of lectures and hands on practical application via workshops & case studies. This is a unique course that is only currently being offered in Madinah by Masjid An Nabawi.


  • Program delivered in English & Arabic

  • Program supervised directly by The College of The Prophet's Masjid

  • Lectures delivered by qualified scholars by The College of The Prophet's Masjid and the Islamic University of Madinah

  • Certificates issued by The College of The Prophet's Masjid

samle certificatePost Graduate Certificate
Embark on a once in a life time chance to study directly under The Prophet's Masjid in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. All courses given directly from Masjid An Nabawi's Sheiks.

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