The College of the Prophet's Masjid is proud to offer two new short courses.  A course in washing deceased Muslims and other funeral rites.  A course in Financial transactions in Islam. These courses are created only for those people who will be performing Ummrah.  

These programs are open to Adult Muslims (male & female) with preference given to married couples.

Key Points:

  • Programs are delivered in English and Arabic
  • Programs are directly supervised by the The College of the Prophet's Masjid
  • Lectures are delivered by qualifed scholars from The College of the Prophet's Masjid and the Islamic University of Madinah
  • Course completion certificates are issued by The College of the Prophet's Masjid

The courses will run at the last two weeks of each calendar month.  For course dates contact our authorized travel agents

All classes are taught under the guidance of The College of The Prophet's Masjid. In and around The Prophet's Masjid in Madinah

To participate in these classes, you must book through our preferred travel agent in the United States. Course booking can only be made directly through the travel agent.

U.S. Travel Agent

Amity Travel
Phone: (586) 578-9126.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

28695 Ryan Rd, Warren, MI 48092-4124
United States 
Amity Travel

samle certificatePost Graduate Certificate
Embark on a once in a life time chance to study directly under The Prophet's Masjid in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. All courses given directly from Masjid An Nabawi's Sheiks.

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